This week The Goldbox Spotlight is Cara O’Neal. A alumni of Prairie View A& M University & she is an educator and singer. thanks for your time.

  What is the best advice you can give someone starting out?  


Keep GOD first always and don’t be afraid to pray! Anything worth having is going to require hard work and sacrifice. It won’t be easy, but GOD will make a way…don’t give up! Also, be patient with your process! I have to remind myself all the time not to forget to celebrate the “small victories” or small accomplishments. Sometimes we feel like since we didn’t reach that “big goal” that we failed or that we’re behind and it’s like no! you’re exactly where you need to be. Every small step counts! Third, STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF! Believe in yourself to the fullest! Don’t ever feel like you need to alter who you are to fit in! Some people think that doing what everyone else is doing will get you to the top faster and sometimes it works, but at the end of the day, it’s like are you really happy? So, don’t lose yourself; Stay authentic always! Finally, be cautious and aware of who you keep around! The ones you can learn from, the ones who bring positivity , the ones who have the same mentality as you or higher, the ones who are genuine, those are the ones to keep close! Having a strong support system makes a difference!  


  What things inspire your process?

Life itself honestly inspires my every day process. Every personal experience or the experiences I witness or have witnessed around me, I’ve found something in every moment that keeps me going and wanting to be the best version of myself and hoping I can inspire someone else to do the same.


Who are three people you look up to or inspire you?


It’s so hard to only list three inspirations because I’m so inspired by many lol! I’ll list 1 group of people and two artists since I have to keep it short!

Number one for sure, my parents!!! I could write a super long list, but I’ll keep it short lol. They each have instilled so much in me. Because of them I know the importance of loving God, to never let anyone steal your joy, to love myself to the fullest, to love others hard, and to remain humble, but keep a boss mentality when it comes to accomplishing what I want. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without them!

Second inspiration, to the ones that know me well, know that Aaliyah has always been a person and artist that I’m so inspired by. I’ve looked up to her for a very long time. I really wish she was physically here today; I would be working my butt off to have her as my mentor. That would’ve been a dream come true! Baby girl was so original in everything she did and was. She was fearless when it came to being herself. She created her own wave of creativity and she really showed the true beautiful in simplicity.

Last inspiration, I’ll definitely go with Beyoncé. Queen B! You have no choice but to respect her hustle and work ethic. It’s 200% every single time.

She’s definitely shown me that in everything that you do with your craft make sure you give your all, leave your heart on the stage, and leave a powerful mark that’s unforgettable.

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