When you look at Music groups the name gives you a hint of who they are, in some rare times the name can leave you in a state of confusion, here are 5.


When looking at the group people people take the name and associate it with Jay Kay the front man of it, however they are way more than that and same with the name. You’ve probably heard them at some point doing “Canned Heat” on Napoleon Dynamite when he was dancing to it.


Hootie & The Blowfish 

Just like the previous mentioned group, Hootie & The Blowfish is more than just the front man of the group Darius Rucker, the group from South Carolina is a foursome of people. They don’t fit a mold of other groups but they have been successful. Also they’ve been featured on the Key & Peele and South Park.




This group has always given me a conundrums of thoughts because they are named CHIC featuring Niles Rodgers, it left me in a conundrum for years, why would you not, just name it CHIC if most people know who they are and just ave the feature. I have so many questions.



This was another group name that left me puzzled as well for years even though it’s easier to call them Maze their called Maze featuring Frankie Beverley, the group that made “Before I Let Go” or”Southern Girl”  were good but I always had me thinking aside from their music.


Lion Babe

When you think of Lion Babe what comes to mind is Jillian Hervey who is the singer (Vanessa Williams Daughter) but it is actually a duo that includes record producer Lucas Goodman.  The New York artist collaborators started the the group because Jillian was creating something for a dance project & after they teamed up. They’ve been making great music & Lucas doesn’t mind the association.


6th Man 


This  is in the conversation because most people say El DeBarge when their called De Barge but it makes sense because in Spanish their is masculine and feminine, however that is the name of the brother that was singing falsetto & went solo. I know it was confusing to some because the group name is their family name & they were switch before that earlier.