When talking about misconceptions they are something that cuts from what people think to be the norm & challenge you to think differently about the situation or thing going forward here are five that come to mind.

Tweety is a boy

Growing up with looney tunes & just cartons in general the cast of Merry Melodies was huge in the Warner Brothers Universe from the main characters of Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck to secondary characters like Foghorn Leghorn & even Taz the Tasmanian Devil , it was so good that when I was in college in the beginning if I didn’t have class in college or a was off from sports medicine during the weekdays I would watch the re broadcast of it on Cartoon Network at noon on TV. The common misconception that would happen especially in the 90’s after seeing the shenanigans of Sylvester the cat trying to catch Grandma’s Tweety Bird people would assume that they were a girl when in actuality he was a boy. In broad view he had & still has a big fan base of mostly girls that like him so in general the misconception is not that big but it was like certain things weren’t real or different than what people assumed something to be.


The baby from South Park is voiced by a Girl

When you watch “South Park” a Seconal character that is outside the 4 boys is that of Ike the Canadian adopted brother of Kyle. Outside of kick the baby which would happen a lot in the beginning, you find out more about him & he’s great. What is more of a notable thing is Trey Parker one of the co-creators of the show his daughter is the voice actor of Ike. It funny seeing him help his daughter stand in a stable way on top of a stool in the recording booth to get down lines needed for the show. It make sense in the larger scheme to have Ike who is the a little boy, voiced by a little girl because in voice acting anyone can voice any character because you don’t see them like traditional media, prime example of this is Regina King when she voiced Riley & Huey on the Boondocks. Just because something is out the norm doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. 


Blue the dog is a girl

In the 90’s growing up Blue’s Clues was a big deal so much so when Steve was replaced on the show people lost their minds. It was a much loved show when I was growing up & even more so with the generation behind me. I could go with misconception of Steve & why he left, but this one would be about blue who is a girl dog or puppy. In media most times animals don’t have private parts like regular animals which can cause confusion sometimes but when a creator let’s you know what is what then it clears the air. 


Penn & teller the silent magician can talk

If you grew up in the 90’s there a plenty of illusionist & magicians come to mind, one of the duos that comes to mind is  re Penn & Teller. For the longest time they were known for the dynamic of Penn was the one that speaks & Teller is the one that is silent, however the glass ceiling got shattered on this one because Teller can actually speak, very well in fact. Teller doesn’t speak by choice because when he was doing magic earlier in his career like for example in a frat house he would not speak because it would keep rowdiness at bay. In watching him operate it has worked very well.


Whataburger is not Waterburger

When you speak about Whataburger the great burger joint you can find in Texas when people would pronounce it sometimes they would pronounce it Waterburger (I wasn’t excluded) it’s a delicious place to eat at & pronouncing it incorrectly on purpose is like fighting words to certain people almost matching the chicken sandwich feud that started in August.