Growing up in Galveston County I volunteered at a place called Moody Gardens in a program called SAVY , Kim was one of the people that I volunteered with during my stint. There are certain people you know and are friends with that you probably don’t conversate with or see for a long time but you are glad to see them chase their goals or succeed in them. Kim is an alumni of Prairie View A & M University & is a Chemical Engineer. Thanks for your time and enjoy!

What advice to give someone?

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I understood the value and the importance of pursuing a higher degree in what I was passionate about. Although, I understand how my degree has been a very helpful tool in achieving success as a chemical engineer in the oil and gas, mining, and semiconductor industries, I have come to realize that college is good for a lot of things; however, I have found that it does not necessarily teach you how to actually be an entrepreneur and be THE BOSS of what you truly believe in. College in general teaches you how to work for others and not how to create a life where others can work for you instead. As an engineer that has an underlying passion for entrepreneurship, I have found myself surrounded by people who have started very successful businesses without a formal college education and those who would like to start a business but have a hard time doing so with a formal college education. To simply put it, obtaining higher degrees is not always needed to be successful. Just look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and even Russell Simmons. They are some of the smartest and richest people alive and they did not even acquire a college degree. So before deciding on what college to go to or the type of life you would like to have, weigh out all the options you have and really take the due diligence in researching and understanding what’s more important to you. Not only should you research, but connect with others who share similar interests and that can help guide you in the path that is most befitting for you. It possibly can help you reach your goals faster, whether that’s educational, personal, or financial.

What things inspire your process?

One of the most impactful and inspirational things to me is traveling. I have had the opportunity to travel to several countries in Europe, China, and Canada. Meeting people from other parts of the world and different walks of life - whether that is different careers, ethnicities, or cultures- has really given me a huge appreciation for life in general. It truly broadens your scope of thinking and changes your perspective about things in life. Also, I have a huge heart so being able to help others helps guide me through my life’s endeavours. It honestly is the greatest feeling when someone seeks help from me and I am able to help in a way that positively affects their life in a large way. I’ve had the privilege of helping some of my friends through financial, educational, and personal decisions and the results were very rewarding. No matter what it is, I am always open to helping others when I can.

Who are three people you look up to or inspire?

First and foremost, my parents have been the number on inspiration of my life.    Many who know me know my mother as a teacher who has most likely taught them at some point of time in their life. She is loved and endured by so many of her current and former students and it is so empowering to see. Prior to being a teacher she was a VP at a large establishment in VA in which she managed over 200 people. Even in this role, she was highly respected and sought after. My father was a very hard working guy. He managed to educate himself about day trading and turned a small amount of money into a significant amount of capital in which he used to start his very own successful trucking business. They both came from very large families having more than 20 sisters and brothers combined. They worked very hard to create successful careers and their hunger and drive for wanting a better life continues to inspire me and drive me closer to the goals I have set in my life.

Another individual who has been ever so inspirational in my life is a billionaire named Robert Smith. He is one of the richest African-Americans in the world. If there is one important thing to know about Robert, it’s that he loves to give back to his community. He has found a way to affect people’s lives in several ways and one day I hope to do the same. His persistence and self-determination has led him to achieve great success in life and I have and will continue to learn from his journey.

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