When talking about musicians everything goes right, however rare times thing go wrong but they solider on with their craft, these 5 did that.

Axel Rose 

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Axel Rose the front man of the band Guns N’ Roses fractured his foot in 2016 but pulled a rock N roll move continuing to do there set schedule of the reunion tour & even Coachella.

Big Boi

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In 2013 Big Boi 1/2 of OutKast had his knee get injured during his set and had

A torn patella as the end result however before he went down metaphorically he finished his set. 

Jessie J

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The singer In 2011 broke her ankle which almost left her in a wheelchair but after being put in a boot she still performed & even did the VMA’s.

Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl)

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The front man of The Foo Fighters go injured during a set with the band 2015 in Sweden when he fell of the stage breaking his leg in the process. However like Big Boi did 2 years earlier after his injury he did the same finishing out the concert while EMS tended to his leg the rest of the set.

Rae Sremmurd (Slim Jxmmi)

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In 2015 1/2 of Rae Sremmurd was performing at Governor’s ball in NYC when he cut his leg on some glass when he fell off stage leaving him with a big open cut, he finished his set& after was treated for it.

Overall each of these musicians were put into a situation where they were handicapped by what happened to them but kept slugging it out & even put on great shows still.