When you look at the landscape of politics nowadays it is truly confusing at times even when you try to be informed, however we live in a democracy where you have to know a little bit of what is going on because the people that are representing me and you sometimes aren’t really doing that and the people that do their best to do that face plenty of obstacles in their way. There are plenty of issues that effect us as a population from tax reform to college education to even health insurance. The democratic system is a long and tedious process sometimes even when we do our due diligence to be informed, & most times can be unfair in nature making people enraged with good reason. One thing never changes we are not truly red or blue or straight liberal or conservative when we are talking about certain issues. Chris Rock said it best “I’m conservative about somethings & liberal about others.” We when we take a step back from our own notions we are truly purple instead of just red or blue. Just because we live in a bubble of similar people patting us on the back we have to hear other views sometimes even if we don’t believe in them. The most infuriating thing that people say is “I’m tired of talking about politics” or they say “I don’t want to hear their opinion” basically belittling that person’s beliefs because they entertain or do something outside of politics. This is why shows like the Daily Show with Trevor Noah & The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (Formerly host of the Colbert Report) or even Vox on YouTube are great, because they bring political satire to a frustrating situation. The purpose of Purple Politics is to shine a light on issues we deal with everyday & truly inform where we as people can make make better political decisions wheeled having some fun learning at the same time.