This week is Tamika Henderson an alumni of Prairie View A&M University and Howard University & an occupational therapist. She followed her dreams on her journey & has a lot of wisdom to share.

1.)  What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out.

 KNOW YOU! By that I mean, whatever field you delve in to, go in 100% confident in YOUR OWN abilities. Obviously this is easier said than done, but you have to have a foundation, because just when you think you’ve made it, sure enough, someone is going to be there waiting to challenge you, intimidate you, make you feel like you have to prove why you belong. When in fact, you’ve already proved everything that matters, to the one that matters; you! All the (proverbial) blood, sweat, and tears is a result of your own hands that did the work, your own heart that drove your passion, and your own mentality; that will power and diligence that kept you believing that if you just fought one more day, that you’d get there! So if you’ve made it CONGRATS! if you’re still working…CONGRATULATIONS in advance 

2.)  What things inspire your process

 Learning inspires me. Now, I cant even lie, I don’t do half as much studying or reading as I should especially since I escaped from grad school (haha) but everyday I’m at work and I learn about a new diagnoses, or a new comorbidity, a new intervention, it kind of reaffirms why I got into this field in the first place. I love the human body; I love learning what makes us tick and having the ability to assist someone with getting their life back. Man, even just thinking about some of the experiences where my patients have told me that just motivating them or even something as simple as how my personality is, has changed their day or outlook…it really does something to me. It really does something for my purpose.

3.)  Who are three people you look up to or inspire you?

Yikes! So many things! Of course my parents and twin brother motivates me. All my life, I never had to worry about or want for anything, praise the Lord. So although I was ready to quit like 6 years out of the 6.5 years I was schooling (haha), I knew I couldn’t stop. I knew I had to become successful so I could ATTEMPT to give back a fraction of what my parents gave to me. My twin brother; man my best friend, and my biggest supporter hands down. I’d do absolutely anything for him. On my darkest nights, he stayed up with me or he let me cry to him, cry ON him, wiping my snotty nose on his shirt, even in my 20s.  Yea those three are my heartbeat!

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