When looking at the music industry a lot is put into aesthetic & someone’s appearance over their talent however the flip side of things is when people get tired or bored of your beauty or good looks they can end your career even though your still talented at being a musician & move on to the next big thing in the industry. Even though I’m truly appreciative of good music the population decides what’s in. These artists whether they revealed themselves, have been incognito their whole career, or picked up ambiguity later on they have been masked at some point for different reasons we may or may not know the reasoning behind it, but one thing is for sure they are truly talented making you focus on that compared to their looks which is a real thing in this time for a while now.


One of the newer EDM producers on the scene he blew up when he came on the scene with speculation saying that he is DJ Chris Comstock however people are not truly certain. One thing is for certain he was dropping hits left and right & still is. Whether people know or don’t know his true identity he’s put out great work with a phenomenal campaign to boot.

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Joel Zimmerman the Canadian DJ & Producer who wears the large mouse head when he performs wears it because his friend mentioned he should wear it after a conversation which in short his friend told him if he ever pursued music he should do it. The composer of “Ghost & Stuff” did & the rest is history, at this point it’s more of a mo now compared to being incognito. 

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The California native Gabi Wilson has good reason for being incognito, the Grammy award winning musician wanted people to pay attention to her music compared just to her looks which is a big thing nowadays so if you can imagine she took an approach like the voice to her career, making you “focus” (pun intended) on the music. She said it herself that people would figure out who she is a some point & time, however she wants you to take notice of her work and relate to it when you get introduced to it. One of the biggest regrets I’ve had in my life is not seeing her in concert when she was at Prairie View A&M University along with J Cole and even Elle Varner. She’s that good. 

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Before Sia wore headpieces & wigs she dressed like a normal pop star however she has a valid reason behind doing it before her success in the music industry she says she was a alcoholic and a drug addict that sobered up. When she got big after with hits like “Chandelier” or “Elastic Heart” the wigs allow her to distance herself especially in a day and age where social media is so big & it’s the same a H.E.R. It’s two fold in its approach it catches your attention while making you pay attention to her actual talent.

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Daft Punk 

The French duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter have very simple reasons for wearing the robot helmets their love of science fiction & them liking to not be known commonly like a American football player, I say this because unless you’re a truly famous star player no one knows your face that well which affords them to do things easier not being in the limelight so much. They don’t take them too seriously but their great at Dj’s & producers.

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6th man

MF Doom

Daniel Dumile, who was born in England however is based in Long Island is a rapper & producer that goes by the “super villain” persona that he’s best known for. He’s known for sending an impersonator to his shows also he faked out people with mass appeal rhythm roulette. He’s right on the line of chaos & genius but that’s what people like about him.

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