This week is Lesa Spivey a Retired Airmen Lt.Colonel in the Air Force, has worn several hats in her lifetime, but one thing that has never changed is she is my aunt always.

1.) What is the best advice you can give someone starting out? 

The best advice I can give someone who is just starting to build his/her life or career is to be persistent and resilient. Remember, the formula for the cleanser 409 wasn't successfully fully developed until after 408 failed attempts. Imagine if they'd given up after the 408th try.

2.) What things inspire your process? 

.  A lot of things inspire my process including studying the biographies of successful people who have overcome challenges. I also like to talk with people who have already conquered things I'm trying to achieve and compare notes. 

3.) Who are three people you look up to or inspire you? 

There are so many people, younger and older, who inspire me; for a number of reasons (including my nephews Henry and Craig). Three famous people I'm most inspired by, who come to mind at this moment, are: Jesus Christ, Herb Kelleher (of Southwest Airlines) and Warren Buffet.