This week is Vernon Lewis III, engineering grad from Prairie View A&M University, a engineer for the city of Houston, & made a career change to become an officer in HPD.

1.) What is the best advice you can give someone starting out? 

“Do what you have to now so you can do what you want to do”

This was a quote my dad would say to me growing up help me understand my role in life and understand the benefits of hard work. I have to grind make those sacrifices now so I can set up Vernon and his family in the future for success.

2.) What things inspire your process? 

Being a new dad everything I do is inspired by my son. I want him to be able to look at me as a great example of what it is to be a man of God, a Leader, a Father and Husband. He also inspires me because I want to make his life as easy as possible and set him up to succeed in life. It’s all about breaking a cycle something that started with my Grandfather

3.) Who are three people you look up to or inspire you? 

Vernon Lewis Sr (my grandpa)

Vernon Lewis Jr (my dad)

These men keep me humble. They taught everything I know about life,to be honest, to have integrity, to be a man of my word, and to treat everyone with respect

Meagan Lewis (my wife)

She teaches me how to have a positive and optimistic view in life. She teaches me how to be loving and nicer lol