Over my lifetime I’ve been the caretaker of plenty of cars from a 2006 Dodge Charger (Old Body) with rims & a spoiler that got totaled at PVAMU before baseball season opener on my way back to campus to a slab of a car in a 1991 green Buick Park Avenue to a gold 2010 Dodge Charger that was totaled because of Hurricane Harvey & the water level in my neighborhood & it was paid off to add insult to injury. Now I own a Red 2016 Ford Focus ST (Rojo Flyer) after the hurricane & it was truly a car I picked that I use from everything to LYFT to Photography Jobs, it is truly my wagon. If I could own more cars like hot wheels & money was unlimited I would jump at the opportunity, however I don’t have that option, hopefully I have the opportunity in the future to re up on several cars I would do that a guy can only dream. Here are five that are on my short list in no particular order.

Mustang Fastback

Growing up with a bus driver for a dad he had a Ford Mustang GT when I was younger & even though I could barely fit us as a family it was a exciting car for my dad. I wouldn’t mind having a new Ford Mustang in my garage at some point.

Photo Apr 09, 8 12 12 PM.jpg

Dodge Challenger R/T

Having the Dodge Charger from the re work in 2006 it was car that was definitely on my list but if I’m going Dodge I would make a lateral move to the challenger which is more spacious that the Charger now.

Photo Apr 09, 8 13 10 PM.jpg

Honda Civic Type R

Keeping with my personal choices the type R was a car we finally got stateside a couple of years ago & has been a car truly talked about. It’s one I wouldn’t mind owning especially with the Honda badge.

Photo Apr 09, 8 14 15 PM.jpg

Ford F-100

A true blast from the past the Ford F-100 is a truck I wouldn’t mind owning or working on as a project car because I live in a state where everyone has some kind of truck. It is a true gem of a truck.

Photo Apr 09, 8 15 13 PM.jpg

Ford GT

Hearing from my mom this was my uncle’s favorite vehicle, he made the comment when he was younger that they would be flying in the future, that may not be flying but they are definitely faster than 88 miles an hour (pun intended). This car tore up LeMans Twice once in the older model then again in the new version. It was so good they actually had to nerf the car because it was to good. It may be a rarity to find or own but it deserves to be on my list for sure.

Photo Apr 09, 8 15 42 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 09, 8 16 10 PM.jpg

Again this list isn’t the end all be all and everyone’s list is different it is truly subjective. Please don’t get butt hurt over my picks .