Dynamic Duos in music 

I have a many people that I can make a dynamic duo with when it comes to everything from driving to music. An ode to that are these duos when it comes to music, there in no particular order. The starting five is something that will happen randomly.

Photo Mar 20, 8 36 51 AM.jpg


Being a kid from La Marque & from 409 you knew about Bun B & Pimp C (RIP) early like Kappa Beach Weekend they were good 8 Bun B still doing his thing. I think I can take Bun B cooking. 

Photo Mar 20, 8 37 24 AM.jpg


Staying in the south but going to Atlanta they did great work as musicians and even collaborated with the previous duo. Big Boi still out here putting out music.

Photo Mar 20, 8 35 14 AM.jpg


Staying in Hip hop the brother duo made hits like grinding with Pharrell & Mr. Me Too and even though one went into writing, Pusha T still making music solo.

Photo Oct 31, 8 47 55 PM.jpg

Run the Jewels 

Made up of Killer Mike & EL-P this duo kicked the door in like roadhouse and in three albums found lots of success together, they even collaborated with Phantogram. Blockbuster Night is still a good song.

Photo Mar 20, 8 36 12 AM.jpg


Making a jump from hip hop to Electronic music the duo made great music from a barn in upstate New York & even made an album with Big Boi as Big Grams. They make good music as well & have proven that.

These are only thoughts & my five isn’t the end all.