I LIKE PICKING PEOPLE’S BRAINS AND ASKING QUESTIONS THAT ARE HELPFUL NOT ONLY TO ME BUT OTHERS AS WELL. This week is Sena (No relation to Cinna from hunger games) who was one of my college roommates, comedian, funny guy, and event organizer at Made Nice. WITH THESE THREE QUESTIONS THEY’RE SIMPLE BUT DEEP.

I’ll try doing this every Friday.

1) What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out?

Never stop learning. If there is something that you want to learn don’t let anything stop you from evolving into the person you want to be. My goal is to be a better version of myself than I was six months ago. Even if it is a small improvement I still see it as one. Now that I am working on my company, Mad Nice which is an event production company, I find it that much more important to be a sponge to the world around me and use everything as a teachable moment. 

2) What things inspire your process?

My inspiration comes from multiple sources. From the shows that I watch; whether be it anime, documentaries, cartoons, news or technology I feel like they all have their own creative lanes to draw from and from there it helps me hone my own style. Music is a big inspiration for me, it allows me to get into a mode where I can freely think and depending on the type of music my creativity follows. Then the people I surround myself with help me in terms of understanding myself, understanding what others see and helping me find out what is important from what doesn’t matter. 

3) Who are three people you look up to that inspired you?

I know they aren’t individual people but, my brothers, my parents and Kanye West in showing me how to balance self confidence with arrogance. 

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