Some people have a bucket list of things they want to do before the bucket, however my lifetime list is pretty much the same and basically its all the things I want to do in my lifetime. I refuse to stop or quit. here’s what I want to do.

Have a custom helmet for Karting & Motorsports (bell preferably).

 Meet Lewis Hamilton, Nicholas Hamilton, & The flying Finn (Mika Hakkinen)

Get seat time driving a NASCAR & an F1 Car

See a F1, NASCAR, Indy race(s)

Drive at my home tracks Texas Motor Speedway & Circuit of The Americas 

Race champ car series or 24 Hours of Lemons 

Travel the world go on adventures 

Do a comedy set

Shoot photography around the globe & work with some great photographers.

(Ravelyn, Tsanna Latouche, Erica Lall, Lance Gross, Brooily, etc.)

Visit Jackie (KC) & George (NOLA) burial sites to pay my respects.

Hold down a full time job with benefits 

(whether teaching, photography, film, or graphic design)

Collaborate with with Nike & Topo Designs

Run & play sports again 

Produce a short film for rode reel every year 

Be a writer 

Go to a music festival 

Shoot a festival 

Draw as well as I did before sepsis 

Learn to play & guitar & piano

Learn to produce & DJ 

Be proficient in Spanish