26 Things that came to fruition after being hospitalized with sepsis.

1. A degree is only good while you’re here.

2. Sometimes you forget how far you come or be in deep focus.

3. You control what you can control everything else is truly non issues, trust the process.

4. Some things are personal battles.

5. Just because you’re in a battle doesn’t mean you’re alone.

6. Whether you know it not people are in you’re corner and people are watching you.

7. I have jerks for friends but I love them and it’s reciprocal no lie they told me “At least you’re not dead.” lol

8. This is only for a season it’s not forever.

9. A team got me where I am now and i’m thankful for that there’s too many people to name.

10. Positive vibes is fuel for a lot I refuse to take myself too serious.

11. You miss certain things when you cant do them (drawing, running, porcelain to name a few).

12. Certain things lose their zip in ICU (I like lion king but twice in a row is messed up).

13. Hospital beds are not made for tall people.

14. Rebuilding my life is hard good thing I like LEGOS

15. I’m glad to have people that don’t let me be mopey.

16. For the things that I can do i’m truly blessed even if I have to adapt.

17. Everyone has to be an advocate for themselves.

18. even though I was positive in most situations, I didn’t like speech therapy at first not Liz’s fault it just felt like going through kindergarten again after being mute, but that’s speech therapy.

19. I’m sorry to everyone for all the throw up (so much)

20. I never loved liquids so much you’re gonna have to pry it from my fingers, want to fight about.

21. Pureed food doesn’t taste like it look.

22. I have scars as souvenirs but i’m here.

23. Isolation during hospitalization is truly hard for a person who is a hugger, it’s necessary but hard.

24. Being the active person I am as a person was a reason i fought so hard.

25. My heart is big but my fight is bigger.

26. I have a lot of faith & luck (being prepared for a situation when the time arises).

Bonus: Love and care for everyone you never know when its your time.

It took some courage to see these pictures of myself and I still have gag orders on people that are close to me, I shoud’ve made them sign nda’s. I may struggle to get over this but i’m gonna keep on trucking.

Photo May 12, 12 34 49 PM.jpg
Photo May 12, 12 38 11 PM.jpg
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