Welcome to the home of the 1st Annual Homecoming Hustle 2K17. If you are here you entered through Instagram and now need the list well look no further. If you came here and you have not registered or followed us on INSTAGRAM (instagram.com/hendogmediadesign) or direct messaged us you will NOT be eligible for the prize, so do that first.

Here is the rundown:

The list and page contains places you can find, challenges you can do to earn points, and a link to earn points by donating to the cause (150 pts MAX, the link is here) the more points you earn the higher you go up the leaderboard. The person/persons with the most points at the end of 10/28/2017 wins $100. Its that simple. So have fun, be safe, and enjoy your Homecoming and if your lucky you may also leave with cash and help others in the process. Also we will donate a portion for the cause based on different parts of the game.

Thanks For Your Time 

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HDMD Cover Photo Item PVAMU.jpg