Who: Jasmine Williams, Alumna of Prairie View A&M University, Model, who's spirit animal is Erykah Badu, & a is Dallas native. Also worked with Meghan Guidry a phenomenal MUA, alumna of Prairie View A&M University, all around zen person, and the owner of 3 Winks by Meghan Boutique Event Company

Where: Dallas, Texas, Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge & American Airlines Center Victory Park

When: June 2016

What: Photography

Well started as an idea in 2015 but with not a lot of follow-through under the name MARQUED Photography & now after going through a lot of bumps and getting to a spot where I have more know how and renewed vision as a new business I decided to bring back what was called #challenge52 or the new name The Goldbox Spotlight. The purpose of this whole idea is to over time showcase work that I've done with some phenomenal people that I have come to know over time through many different avenues and explore different mediums in an effort to put out some great content for the masses.


The first project that was done to start this (after losing and having to recover an entire hard drive, sad day but we good now lol) was with the phenomenal ladies Jasmine Williams and Meghan Guidry. After finding out that I would be traveling to Fort Worth for family events in the summer I hit up these two after working with Meghan on a previous photography project as a MUA and also finding out that Jasmine was an aspiring model while at PV and could be a great person to collaborate with along with Meghan, making a great team who could feed off each other. What ensued from this day at the end of June (on a very hot day where we sat under reflectors and were grateful for wind and shade) was a great set of proofs/work we all could be proud to show to the world. Working off of the idea of letting the model pick the outfits they were comfortable with, and the MUA having free reign to do their thing the only thing that was set were the locations in Downtown Dallas making for a fun session. The product of that session are below and I can't wait to work with them again on future endeavors. You can follow them here.

Jasmine Williams | Model

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kinkycoils_/

Meghan Guidry | MUA & Owner 3 Winks by Meghan boutique Event Company

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/megamillions_/ 


website: http://www.3winksbymeghan.com/