Being a lover of music I like a variety of genres and I’m open to new things far as it goes, however being a person that thinks a lot I have questions about some songs. These songs throw misdirection at listeners & leave you with questions about them.

Tiny dancer | Elton John 

When you listen to this song it throws misdirection at you because of the main lyric but it is not at the fault of the artist, I think it came down to listeners really, was it really Tony Danza the actor mentioned?

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Mary Jane | Rick James

With the previous songs, the misconception came with listeners of the lyrics, however, this is one that comes down to the artist & the listener of it. For the longest time in some people’s nativity(I was not excluded) thought Rick James was talking about a woman & not weed (marijuana).

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Puff the Magic Dragon | Peter, Paul, & Mary

This song was made in I think the ’60s (don’t quote me on that) & was reimagined by people in the 70’s as a song about a dragon and changed meaning to be about weed.

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My Ding A Ling | Chuck Berry

When Chuck Berry wrote this song it was about his toy but had a double meaning (entendre if you will) about the love below as Outkast spoke on it. He was still a good musician no matter the song.

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Play That funky music | Wild Cherry 

Hearing this song several times in my lifetime there has been much breakdown & dissection of this song and is the prime example truly misconstrued. Are they say play that funky music right boy or white boy? Ethier a good song from a band from Ohio.

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6th Man

Blue (Da Ba Dee) | Effiel 65

this song was a good song and well ahead of its time. The disputes come in with the chorus which when it was made to be universal so it was gibberish.

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