When I started The Goldbox it was just me when it got started in 2016 the name is an ode to the he book “A Story, A Story” which focus on the African fable Anansi who went on a quest & once he finished it he received a gold box with the stories of the world. That was the whole point behind doing this from the articles to the podcast of the same name. I may be the  main person behind it however I’ve gradually gotten other people’s views through things like The Goldbox Spotlight, now I’m trying to open the goldbox even more to other views & opinions, which takes a level of vulnerability to do even though I’ve been doing it personally. Through this process of opening the Goldbox to others I truly want to find people that are about action rather than telling you something, story time before I crossed the stage at PVAMU I was in the student teaching program & the lady over it Mrs. Roberts asked me one day “Why I don’t speak up that much?” We I’m not a person that’s a talker however if the time calls for it I can flip the switch to talk eloquently with my experience in speech debate kicking in, I’m very capable just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean a thing. The Goldbox has been an avenue to share my views especially now while I’m recovering & my voice is not normal right now. Fast forward to now it’s a pleasure to have Keionna Turner on as a Collaborator for the Goldbox & hopefully it’s a nudge in the right direction of getting others views in.

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