Being hospitalized over 70 days in KC one is thing that kept me going like people I care about was & still is music so much so when they finished sedating me I actually used my good hand to log onto Spotify to listen to music which beats sleeping all day and I don’t need to wear glasses to hear it which I was being that person that didn’t want to wear them at the time. Fast forward to now I use it constantly on a daily basis listening on my phone, on my PC, while driving LYFT, & I even send Spotify links to people I care about. This list are things on Spotify that people tend to overlook & are beneficial. Enjoy & thanks for your time. 

When you run out of Library space you can still make playlists 

You can follow people & playlist like any other social media 

When you get onto Spotify most people think it’s a straight forward streaming music service when actually follow friends you know, artists, and even playlist you like so they show up on your own page.

You can go private when listening to music 

When you are listening to your music the people following you on the platform can see what your listening to on PC and you can listen to the same thing or add them to your own library or playlist. Say you don’t want people to see you can actually go into a private session by a few clicks letting no one see what your listening too.

You can cross fade on mobile when playing music 

When listening on your phone if you go to settings you can actually cross fade like a Dj into the next song automatically instead of jumping bluntly.

You can collaborate with others making playlist 

Listening to music nowadays can be shared with other like minded individuals and friends. I say this because when you make a playlist you can make it where people can actually add to it themselves if they have an account. All you have to do is actually make collaborative & it will show the name of the person who added it.

Library runs out but you can still make playlist 

A couple of years ago I found out from personal experience that the limit on a personal library is 100,000 songs however you can still make playlist even if  you use your entire quota.

6th man 

Car view turns on automatically 

This may be a smaller feature but I use it every time especially doing LYFT & my phone is on a holder when I’m driving. When you go over a certain speed limit Spotify will automatically go into car view basically showing you the bare minimum till you turn it off m.

Growing up I remember buying albums on iTunes but over time music listening has changed & everyone picks a side.