Looking at music nowadays it’s a visual affair because artists are under a microscope far as there looks and there whole aesthetic. At first Music was around three minutes long because cartridges were that long max in the beginning. The landscape has changed but videos are the calling card for lots of artists nowadays & they can make or break a career because there a first impression for a lot of people. Some are groundbreaking because you can turn off the sound and still enjoy it while others fall by the wayside. Whether the artists had input on it or a idea of the label I will always be a fan of good videos.

Mya (My Love is Like Woah)

This one comes to mind because it was in the beginning of her career & the creative direction is basically her is switching throughout the video & it grabs your attention from the start which is why it’s on my list along with a good song.

Nothing on you (B.O.B. Featuring Bruno Mars)

I may not rock with the flat earth conspiracy but I rock with this song. From the first outing of B.O.B. this video is good because it’s outside the box like the video mismatches everyone in it by use of stop motion and torn paper, it meticulous and also very calculated in the making of it. It doesn’t hurt it was a good song featuring Bruno Mars.

John Muir (School boy Q)

Sometimes simplicity reigns over complexity & sometimes it makes you think that why didn’t someone else do it but they didn’t. The song is truly good by itself but the camera is on the car the entire time basically following two young men from when they robbed someone for the car to their demise at the end and everything in between. The audience is a fly on the wall the entire time. 

Cousins (Vampire Weekend)

Another video that was simplistic in its setup was this one, the entire video happens on a camera track the whole time & leaves you in deja vu the entire time because they roll down the alleyway several times. It’s high energy just like the song.

Pretender (Foo Fighters)

This video is basically a face off between the band & the riot police. It grabs your attention & hold it from start to finish. 

6th man

Say my name (destiny’s child)

I remember my dad brought home a VHS of this particular video living in the greater Houston area (before I knew what 106 & Park  or TRL was) & was in awe with how much work went into it from outfits, to the rooms, to even the conveyor belts. This was a point where a lot of normal people got introduced to the group and they didn’t disappoint.