When looking at death, it’s a random thing because we don’t truly know when it happens one day a person may be youthful & the next at deaths door. Looking at the human body it is a true mystery because a lot of things happen that we don’t truly understand & man has been trying to prolong life but it can only prolong it we truly can’t live forever. After having my own near death experience last May it proves something’s to be true, one when death comes knocking its time to put up or shut up, when I was in ICU I had a lot of people in my corner praying & having faith but while I was stuck in the hospital bed for that extended time I couldn’t just give up and start complaining (kind of hard to do when you’re sedated) I had to have faith that the team of people could do their job well & face the fact that it may be my time and if it isn’t lean on my personal or religious beliefs. The other thing that comes to mind is you don’t know what kind of building block you are to others till it’s too late sometimes. When I say this I’m talking about where do you truly fit in far as your own choices & what you are. Prime example is Nipsey Hussle he got to see a lot of his impact before he was gone (RIP) but he probably won’t see the full picture, only the people that survived him. When I went down I found out who I was impacting over the time while I was recovering & still finding out. After seeing my reach if I were gone I would be a building block missing from the structure of others peoples life’s & my family would have been on the front row of the church grieving their only child. You never know who is watching you. Overall death is a part of life that we can’t avoid that will happen when no matter what whether someone is young or old, people always say they died too soon, but did they really? It’s just a thought.