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What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out?

I would tell anyone starting out to find a mentor in whatever field you are deciding to pursue. Mentorship is priceless. This may come in the form of a coach or someone who can give you honest and sincere feedback. While I was writing my book, The Path to Exceptional Living: 15 Lessons to Living an Extraordinary Life, one of the best investments I made was hiring a writing coach. Tamika Sims of Get Write with Tamika, was one of the best investments I made while writing my leadership book. She was thorough, professional, and honest with me. Tamika effectively mentored and coached me through the process of writing my book and continues to mentor me since my book was published. Mentorship matters for anyone starting out and is important to your success.

I would also tell anyone starting out to invest time in saturating themselves in the Laws of Influence, Addition, and Response. The Law of Influence applies to everyone. Everyone has the ability to influence someone. Understanding exactly where your influence lies and who your influence affects is crucial to growth. The Law of Addition is all about adding value to those around you. Adding value is important for anyone who desires to be great. The aspect of the Law of Addition that is often not applied is understanding that you have to put yourself in a position for value to be added to you. Often times, we think we don’t need to be affirmed or poured into. This is far from the truth. Having value added to you puts you in a unique position to be amazing leaders and lead at a high level. Finally, the Law of Response is similar to the Law of Influence because we all have responses just like we all have influence. Conditioning our responses to the various situations that arise give you the ability to make thoughtful decisions as it relates to your pursuit. Our response to people and moments in our lives determine so much, so we should take this law seriously. Mastering these three laws will definitely help you on your journey to greatness and start out on the right path.

2. What things inspire your process?

Being diagnosed with bone cancer at age seventeen inspires me every day. When I think about the possibility of losing my life as a teenager, it makes me see the blessing in still being alive. It serves as a daily reminder that I have a purpose and that inspires the journey I’m currently on. Being a cancer survivor also helps drive my purpose of capturing, inspiring, and serving others. Perspective is another thing I gained through this experience. When my newfound perspective on life was revealed during this life-changing ordeal, my purpose was revealed. It was clear that this situation that intended to harm me would end up being the same thing that inspired me to serve others. In addition to being a cancer survivor, my family has been a consistent inspiration to my life. I have been blessed to have an amazing and supportive family that continues to believe in me. Those are two things that continue to inspire my process to greatness.

3. Who are three people you look up to that inspired you?

My wife, Tasia King: The best decision I made in life was marrying my wife, Tasia. She has been the support system that I needed and is consistently providing me with guidance and love. Tasia’s personal commitment to being an amazing wife and mother inspires me daily. Her sacrifice for others and dedication to the things that make her awesome is unlike anything I have ever seen.

My parents, Thomas, and Paulette King: My parents are the epitome of what loving and nurturing parents are supposed to be. My father passed away last year but the effects of his amazing influence still inspire me daily. I learned the value in hard work and providing for my family from the example he set. I also learned how to be a Godly husband to my wife and a father. I learned the value of patience from him and being a man of my word. My mother taught me how to enjoy life, how to have fun, and the importance of inspiring the next generation by way of education. I learned how relationships matter and how they provide sustainability in our families, careers, and communities. They both will continue to serve as inspiration for me as I continue on the road to greatness.

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