Being a music lover  I enjoy lot’s of songs and truly don’t really discriminate in my taste or what I listen to, however there are some songs that leave you wanting more because it’s so short, it’s an intro, interlude, or not a normal piece for a song, but you love them even if you wish they were another piece entirely. There still fire regardless.

J Cole Note To Self

On “Forest Hills Drive” J Cole didn’t have time to give credit to everyone he wanted so this song was his way of doing that. It was good & threw a curveball at people listening.

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Lil Wayne Don’tGetIt

On the “Carter III,” Lil Wayne was spitting the whole album and the song starts off normally & even samples Nina Simone but then it takes a pivot because he starts speaking on several things from drugs & prison time to sex offenders to even humanity.

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Snoh Allegra All I have-Intro

Snoh Allegra is a phenomenal talent that is good at what she does  & one of her earlier works was “Feels” & “All I Have” is on there which is a masterpiece under 2 minutes, and when looking at it from a broad perspective there are lots of songs under 3 minutes & most times its quality over quantity and same goes for this. However, even though it’s short and it’s an intro but it still really good.

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Intro & Graduation Day on College Dropout 

Kanye West was a phenomenal talent (still is) who made three great Albums in “College Dropout” “Late Registration” & “Graduation” we focus on College Dropout  in that album he made the song “We Don’t Care”  but it’s  sandwiched between two skits that have the late Bernie Mac RIP. They were good.

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Logic Grandpa’s Space Ship 

Logic puts together some phenomenal work as a musician from  “The Incredible True Story” “Everybody” or “Bobby Tarantino” with our focus is on Bobby Tarantino II. It no secret that he is cool with the team of Rick & Morty, he was even on the show, so it made sense because that the characters were featured on the before mentioned album & they break down the difference or Logic on mixtapes vs albums.

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6th Man

For Free? Kendrick Lamar

When you look at “To Pimp A Butterfly” it’s a Rap Album but is mixed with Jazz as well. It’s an outside of the box album and this song is  no different it . This song talks about a lot  & every person has a different perspective but it’s good.

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