This week the Goldbox Spotlight is Fran Duncan. After being hospitalized 70 days with sepsis I met Fran because I had to start rehabbing like asap & by trade, she is a PT. she is good at what she does & took out the time after her normal job to do so. Thanks for your time!

What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out?

The best advice I can give someone starting out is to follow your passion and believe in yourself. All the skills you need are within you. You just have to be disciplined enough to believe in yourself and your talents. Continue to work hard to master your craft because there is always something that can be learned. Failure is a part of the process to become successful.

What things inspire your process?


The main things that inspire my process first are my personal health. When I feel my best then I am more likely to perform my best. Secondly, music. Listening to music while I do any activity has always helped to make me feel better and give me more energy to complete my task. Lastly, my family, friends, and patients. Being in the healthcare field has allowed me to witness how soooo many people are affected by disease and musculoskeletal dysfunction which has a great effect on their daily lives. Being able to help them return to things that they love to do inspires me to learn more.

Who are three people you look up to or inspire you?

Three people I look up to/inspire me would have to be first my dad. My dad was the first person to give me the confidence to believe in myself and my talents. He pushed me to accept nothing less than my best at whatever I tried to accomplish. I’ve watched my dad lead by example and be successful at anything he put his mind to. Second would be Mary j bilge. With me being a woman and dealing with a lot of emotions, her songs have always spoken to me and given me the strength to push through some of my lowest points in life. Lastly would have to be Nipsey Hussle. Unfortunately, I didn’t take advantage of the knowledge that he was spitting in his lyrics until his passing. I began listening to his music and realized how many life jewels he was dropping. Now I listen to victory lap every morning on my way to work. His music inspires me to be better not only for myself but for my community. The marathon continues!!