Rode Reel 2017 Voting

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Well I have been MIA for a few months, but that has been for good reason, I've been working on a project for a competition called My RODE Reel 2017 where filmmakers of all types can submit a short film and BTS ( Behind the scenes ) videos no longer than three (3) minutes for a chance at over $500,000 in filmmaking gear the only stipulation is that you have to use some type of rode gear in the process. Seeing this as as a good way to obtain some new gear and put out work I can truly put this business behind and along the way collaborate with some phenomenal people I put my hat in the ring. The resulting product from this is a short film called the Nervous Truth starting J Mims & Dreux Monique two people that I have known now for a minute and big help from the restaurant Little Bigs who helped with the location, Think what what would happen if people were truthful on a first date and you have what we made. So down below is the link to the entry page to vote as well as share the video on social media, so tell your auntie, mama, granddad, your neighbor, anybody and everybody, and share it wherever you can possible and voting ends on August 3rd for the People's Choice Award so get to it and thanks for your time. (Click below to vote)

Rode Reel 2017 Voting

Also here are links to the people who helped me and their social media and info, i'm truly grateful for their time and effort. 

Dreux Monique

J Mims

Little Bigs Houston