When you think about songs and the medium of music as a whole they convey emotions sometimes that you can’t explain through your own words or actions personally. These five songs are truly great in their own right but are truly sad in actuality if you really listen or look at their lyrics.

Copacabana | Barry Manilow

If you look at history the Copacabana is a legendary night club in New York City in Time Square (now you know) however it’s also as the name of the song by Barry Manilow. The song describes and tells the story of Lola how was a show girl and Tony who was a bartender at the before mentioned place. The song tells the story of the two & the hard pivot that happened when Rico a swanky guy did some things that disrespected Lola & Tony wasn’t having that, a fight ensued Tony was .Slain because of it, while because of it Lola lost a lot over several years. Very sad story. 

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Poor Georgie | MC Lyte

Every song is just a a story told with a melody, this song is no exception to this standard. MC Lyte talks about a guy she met named George, he had did some questionable things like messing with several females for example that leaves me with more questions about him but either way Lyte gave him the digits. The story took a turn after fast forward in time George was diagnosed with cancer and because of it he got in a argument with Lyte then went driving after getting drunk & died because of an accident. MC Lyte regretted not speaking to him before everything went down.

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Stan | Eminem

When Eminem penned this song the whole premise of it is the life of Stanley who is a fan of slim shady. The song tells the story of Stanley who idolizes Eminem and does everything from write that they should be together when he has a whole girlfriend to recanting his story of the time he didn’t meet his little brother Matthew to even several times that slim supposedly ignored his letters. The whole situation reaches a fever pitch when Stan basically goes driving reckless & in doing so he gets himself killed. Eminem finally responded to him explaining everything and his feelings about the situation but by that time is too late. This whole song is sad and shines a light on the issue of why someone shouldn’t be idolized or the topic of fans and access they have because people need their space. 

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16 shots | Vic Mensa

With every other song on this list as a person you wonder if it is true or fictional in origin. With the song by Vic Mensa a Chicago native it’s true through& through because it talks about the shooting of Laquan McDonald a 17 year old, was shot 16 times by a Chicago Police Officer in 2014. When this happened it was a picture of a bigger problem with minority’s & their relationship with law enforcement looking back at cases like Micheal Brown, Philando Castille, Sandra Bland, or even Freddie Gray as examples because sadly his shooting wasn’t an isolated case. The song Vic Mensa created doesn’t hold your hand or coddle you it tells a story of something that’s too prevalent nowadays as is blunt in its origin but very good if you give it a chance.

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Pumped Up Kicks | Foster The People 

This is sleeper pick in essence because it seems like a good song  on the surface & it is, however it’s way deeper when you look at for more than face value. When it got penned in the beginning the gun mentioned was metaphorical but over time became figurative. Not even beating around the bush the song is about a shooting especially when you listen to the chorus, I had to hear about it from someone else who explained the song to me which blew my mind. When Foster The People released this song it charted well & was the first song most people heard from them & in the process they opened a conversation on shootings.

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6th Man

Neighbors | J. Cole

This one may be the 6th man but it’s no less of a good song and messed up situation. J. Cole goes back over the time his house was raided because his neighbors assumed he was selling drugs even though he came by his funds honestly.. it just proves that no matter how much you make, you’ll be looked at a certain way.