When talking about art people think of art they imagine a person in a gallery selling pieces they made or in recent years a creator on YouTube or Instagram pushing what they do down people’s throats whether they vlog or just posting on IG. Although those things are more prevalent now their are so many mediums that an artist can pursue & that we see people doing in our daily lives. Art is a foundation for a lot in life even though it can be viewed subjectively. So this Just A Thought is on Art the scene, the state of it & where it can go.

The scene

When people look at art like I said before most times people associate it with traditional things like art prints or even non traditional things like YouTube where anybody that doesn’t break their terms of service can upload almost anything. When you look at Art which is a umbrella term, in actuality it’s a very broad thing. When you look at an animated film there are concept artists , landscape artists , & even model people on top of the usual animators. On a film set there is director but their are lots of people involved from grips to lighting to even directors of photography who help shape the vision. Even looking at music there is not just the musicians who you see, there is a graphic designer who has a hand in press items, producers who help shape a song, and even stylists who shape the image of what a population sees. When you look at the scene of Art it has a hand in everything from a trailer/commercial to a tv to even items we hold physically daily. When looking at art it helps to have an open view from just the normal things because it is truly a big thing far as scale.

The State of Art

When looking at Art the bar of entry varies by medium & in the process they have gotten saturated with lots of people that have different end goals from one another. If you want to make videos you can use YouTube to uploaded it but if you’re trying to be a person that lives off of it then it’s tough unless you have other avenues of revenue because even if you have a foothold on the platform you’re still not safe because businesses run ads on videos forcing people to be someone their not. Same thing goes for other platforms like Spotify, Facebook, tumblr, or even Instagram, to be fiscally stable as an artist is a hard endeavor and each comes with their own set of rules. As an artist chasing these checks can be unfulfilled because your life is dictated be the algorithm or whatever basically controls each one. We live in a world where you can now make a living off of being an artist even more so through the internet, the drawback of this is people want to know more about a person outside of just there talent like a female on any platform it can be a blessing because you can get people looking at you from the jump from your looks even if you are very talented , the downside the population says someone is done when there still talented, this is an example but very real what artists go through none the less. It make sense because platforms are protective of their brands like tumblr getting rid of adult content, YouTube with Adpocalypse, or Instagram cleaning out robot followers, the problems comes in when the input of “creators” isn’t taken seriously. Overall the landscape for art has changed for every medium & no one is truly excluded from it. 

Where it can go 

As a person that enjoys doing art especially more now while I’m recovering from sepsis (photography, film making, graphic design, & writing) it is a grind which is hard to do sometimes & even more so if you own or operate a small business. With the saturation of artists in fields for example photography people think that it straight forward to a great picture when most photographers that are good even if they fly under the radar have way more finesse than what you see & have to prove their good at what they do & it’s the same with any other discipline. Art has always been a subjective thing, however now each one is constantly changing at a fast pace because of the environment & the population. Because of the constant changes it forces artist that not only that wants to make a living but thrive in field by constantly adapting or pivoting.

Constantly loving art which is an escape may be tough but is truly rewarding however you look at it. I may be limited in my skill set after having sepsis but it’s one of things where I refuse to stop & it’s the same as most artists, they refuse to let roadblocks stop them from doing their thing. Either way it’s just a thought.