Being a lover of cars, Motorsport, & racing I can ring off several movies that I like, here a 5 that comes to mind in my top 5. 

Fast & The Furious

When the movie came out in 2001 nobody truly when what kind of juggernaut it would become over the time of the franchise because most movies go by threes normally 

, but they transcended that. Even with a core character gone in Paul Walker RIP, they have been influential in car culture, film making, & even in things outside of things they do from character to plots to even characters in the universe.



Based in champ car / Indy car series Burt Reynolds who is Team owner Carl Henry enlist driver Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stallone) to help his rookie Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue) as his teammate and what follows in an interesting story.


Days of Thunder 

Cole trickle (Tom Cruise) leaves open wheel racing to go to stock car racing in the story, when you hear about racing in movies this comes up constantly. It shows for the most part the chaos of Motorsport & NASCAR is truly a different beast.



The film focused on F1, it highlights the rivalry of James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) & Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) RIP in the 1976 season. In the early days of F1 it was so dangerous 2 drivers would die a year. When Niki was in his accident that year in Germany, fire and all at his lowest point he came back the same season racing again with so much determination though & resilience giving hunt a run for his money. It’s a look into the sport & does justice to it .


Gone in 60 Seconds 

Nicholas Cage who is a car thief by nature is forced to save his brother by stealing a list of 50 cars  in one night. It may get slept on but there are several cars featured that are iconic the reason it’s on this list.


From a film making perspective each one can conveyed several things & it’s the same as these films. Whether the cars, characters, or the actual story they are significant to viewers because someone can relate to them.