When you talk about music festivals people are quick to bring up Coachella 2018 with Beyonce headlining Sunday Night during it was a solid 2 hour set, however what comes to mind for me is festivals like Free Press Summer Fest which was in Houston,TX or SXSW in Austin, TX. Her performance was great for many reasons like being streamed weekend 1 on YouTube as an example, however a festival is a chance to see acts that you wouldn’t get the chance to like Lany, CHIC with Niles Rodgers, or Lion Babe that same year. the downside to this is they’re expensive to go to & as an introverted person even though i like music a lot, I don’t want people in my bubble all day, that’s not happening. So in April of 2018 I asked Early Bird (Keionna) if she could make her own festival who would she pick to be in it. This article expands on it & is more detailed than our conversation.

Here are the rules:

Your festival is one day. (10 one hour slots, & one headliner, they get 2 hours)

The artist could have passed a way.

You pick the time, location, & name.

Other than those rules that’s it because being music lovers, we could list off several artist and this keeps us honest.

What is below is the final product hopefully you enjoy & thanks for your time!

Henry’s Picks

Name: The Flagship Festival 

This is an ode to the flagship hotel which was demolished and replaced with pleasure pier after it was damaged after hurricane Ike.


Where: Galveston Opera House & Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier, Galveston Island, TX

 It would be only right to have the festival at the same where the hotel stood & also another iconic location in Galveston County it could be at both or at one or the other.



When: Sometime in Early November 

When dealing with the weather in Galveston County there is a sweet spot of weather & being it’s a day, early November it’s not too hot or cold it just right.


Headliner: Selena 

Photo Aug 01, 4 18 06 AM.jpg

Since we’re going off of artist whether they passed away or alive, it only made sense to put “The Selenas” as the person who is closing out the thing and was the on the path to be legendary sooner than later, it made sense as a Texan to go with her. She shut down the Astrodome in the 90’s in creating my own lineup she could do the same for my festival easily.


Other artists: 

When I curated this list of people I would want to see or others would, also my lineup is Texas concentric jumping through several genres.

Gary Clark Jr


He’s a great guitarist that cut his teeth on 6th street in Austin, Tx and with the theme of my festival being Texas artist it makes sense & he’s a great artist.

Leon Bridges 


I remember seeing him when he was at Rodeo Houston Black Heritage night 2018 and he was good as his first album so if I’m sticking with the theme of artist from Texas, I would go get him from Fort Worth.

Z Ro, Travis Scott, Slim Thug, Paul Wall


This foursome of artist are what people grew up with in the Houston area in the new generation and old as well, so it would only be right to include them.

Kelly Rowland


Well I can hear it now “Why didn’t you pick Beyoncé” well if you have a problem take it up with yourself. Last time I checked over the time Destiny’s Child was active there were 5 members over its time & Kelly was putting in work as a solo artist & has a good discography.




Being a kid that grew up in 409 the duo was a big-time well before Pimp C’s death in 2007 seeing them again would be a pleasure and other people should get to experience them.


Norah Jones


Being another artist that made Texas home she is a musician that has been phenomenal from the songs “Don’t Know Why”, “Come Away with Me” or her collaboration with the producer Danger Mouse. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the lineup.


Barry White 


The deep voice melodic singer was born in Galveston and is an anchor like a CHIC with Niles Rodgers or Maze with Frankie Beverley he someone I would want to see & others as well.

 Keionna’s Picks

Name: The Male Soulful Comfort Experience 

Where : The Ravina


When: July 

Headliner : Marvin Gaye


For a opening for a ultimate soulful event I have to open it up with the Prince of Motown and Prince of Soul Marvin Gaye. Marvin Gaye was everyone’s happy , sad , love making guru . He started his career in the early 1960s I like to call the Turning Decade for African Americans ending in the 90s with his untimely death . The world was at a stand still when news hit of his death. Although I was born after, Marvin Gaye was always appreciated  in my home I grew up falling in love with his music. With my favorite song being “It’s to Late.” His music  and sounds spoke volumes transitioning and transforming into the new sounds of      The decades. 

I have chosen top 10 of my personal Favorite Male Artist to join Marvin Gaye in the Male Soulful Comfort Experience . In my personal Opinion these Artist Exuberant with Authentic sound, soulful voices and a passion for music making success . 

I’m going to break these Artist up by decades 

 Breaking off into the 80s where we first start to see a 360 shift in the sound of soul music. 



Luther Vandross


Introducing one of the most successful Artist of the 80s, Mr. Vandross is one of my favorites because of his variety in music and song writing. He stepped in the what we first heard was Pop. Making  it a success for an R&B Artist. He undeniably has many hits under his belt. Just like Marvin I would love to see these two coming alive again to put on a show! 


Ready for the World


Ready for the world is my favorite male group of all time ! There another band of the 80’s that wasn’t afraid of showing off their authentic sounds in rock , pop , and R&B roots. Many artist today sample off there self made beats. 

Switch / The Debarge Family 


So Switch and Debarge were known for the falsetto low and high voices. Singing a whole song in falsetto was something unheard of . Until Debarge made it popular. Making them one of my favorites of all time. 


Tevin Campbell


Campbell was so young age 15 when he came out with hits after hits that are timeless til this day! You can’t listen to 90s R&B without Mr. Campbell. Hes the great state of Texas making him my 90s R&B prince. 




Another man who can hit the falsetto all the way through a song. Maxwell has given us timeless hits as well. You can tell he gets his swag from artist like Marvin  and Debarge. He would fit perfectly in this Soulful Experience line up.  


Keith Sweat 


Keith “Sweat” gives us nothing but sexual appeal. He was one of first in the 90s to do it this. Just like Marvin Keith wasn’t afraid to bring sex appeal to the stage. Plus all of the mamas, aunties, g mas with love to see Keith in this line up! 



After I seen Bilal to tributes to artist such as The late prince . I fell for him and his individual sound. He personifies amazing well. He would fit well in the 60- 70s soul era. He brings his own Neo soul sound and presence to the stage. This artist  has been out since the late 90s although he not very known he keeps himself low key and I love it. 




Ne-Yo The songwriter genius of the millennium. He’s talented making timeless hits for so many artist and then making a name for his self with timeless hits as well. We gotta give more credit to Ne-Yo. His music got me through those middle school and high school blues. I would love see Ne-Yo in this line up. 

Frankie J


Frankie J With my having El Paso Roots, Frankie J was so popular when I was younger with him being a Latin Artist he made soulful music as well. He undeniably crossed over from Latin, R&B, and hip hop . His songwriting skills  and vocals are incredible. And he would bring the Latin Culture and R&B culture together in this lineup! Soul music is about Diversity.

Frank Ocean 


Frank Ocean our Newest Millennium Artist. Has been open to us through if music about his highs and lows in life.  Although he ghost us from time to time when he’s back comes to deliver his fans soul searching music. He one of my faves and was one of first to give us a new R&B sound in the New Millennium

If you ask for a person’s list it will always be different from the next so its always interesting to se each person’s preference because people will always surprise you because everyone is different. Thanks for your time again & even looking at this hypothetical.