Being an aspiring graphic designers I became a student of it learning everything I could & still do because I’m not formally trained & was learning what I could while I went to college for interdisciplinary studies (education). One thing that is fundamental & can make or break a brand because it takes a lot is a logo. To get one made is tedious and if done incorrectly or in a way that follows trends in can be something that requires a re design because a designer wasn’t thinking in a way that was putting thought into the future. Below are 5 logos that have withstood the test of time & truly made the brands recognizable. 


An e-commerce site we use a lot now in a world that is keen on being convenient the brand is a juggernaut & is recognized world wide. With the logo it is instantly recognizable & like any design done in good taste it is timeless also it has little things that you notice like the arrow going from A to Z because they pretty much have everything. 

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Fed Ex (Federal Express)

Recognizable as one of the leading companies in the delivery service field and recognized as the company from castaway with Tom Hanks they had a logo previously & had a successful re brand that is instantly recognizable, if you even look at the negative space you an even see an arrow between the e & the x.

Photo Jul 22, 12 15 22 AM.png
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One of the original great logos of all time & still in use today this one is very simple, it can be re created by a kid in any color because it’s so simple. The designer did a great job on it before Nike became the powerhouse they were. Carolyn Davidson who was at Portland State University designed the swoosh when they changed names to Nike, Inc. on May 30th , 1971 (same day as my birthday) , she got payed $35 for what she did & a decade later got Nike stock. She may have did more logos & work however she will be remembered for it.

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Making the jump to Seattle from Oregon we look at another brand that has been doing gangbusters, this time in the coffee game. The mermaid is recognizable around the world & has been viewed millions of times. Starbucks has transcended pikes place where they started and the logo has done the same. Outside of other factors you can’t help but recognize it.

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Red cross 

The last one is simple yet important because when you see it’s a symbol of health, so much so video games can’t even use the logo on health packs & have to do different designs to compensate. It’s had an impact over and over whether seen by people when used by the Red Cross, seen by soldiers in war, or even knowing that the symbol is a a sign of Simone that can help. The two red rectangles that make the symbol are simple like the swoosh but they get the job done.

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Every brand we see now has the usual things like a tag line & even philosophies that they go by however a logo when done properly is the first thing seen & can have an impact before you even know what their about. Logos make an their impact well after they’re made & when done right can be timeless.