This list looks at the deaths that stuck  with us like all the others these are subjective so don’t get butt hurt that yours isn’t on here enjoy!


Reading the books & watching the movies I knew it was coming but it didn’t make it hurt any less, it was like getting punched in face & you know it’s coming. The hunger games is a bloody event put on by the capital because there was a revolt and the deal was each district would have to send a tribute girl & boy to slug it out & hopefully be the lone survivor. It was a dehumanizing thing that was done to hold down the districts & basically make every death meaningless. This changed drastically with the death of rue (portrayed by a Amandala Stenburg) killed during the games it didn’t sit well with Katniss. Instead of just clearing the area letting her lifeless corpse be picked up out of the arena letting the horn sound signaling the arena she died, she actually put flowers on her & actually cared about her & befriend her while she was alive & she was more than a competitor making her death actually mean something. I’m a grown young man and don’t usually cry when I see certain things but It was up there.



When a actor passes away it leaves a hole in the story arc like on the Big Bang theory Howard’s Mom (portrayed by Carol Ann Susi) as an example, writers are faced to confront it because the character just doesn’t disappear. With disagreements happening with the voice actor Isaac Hayes he parted ways from South Park because he was ill from a stroke & in his his absence someone did it for him after the last episode of season 9 about Scientology which is odd. Instead sending Chef away which happened in a previous episode when he left & returned after going to the wrong Adventure Club, Super Adventure Cub to be specific and getting brainwashed with the children seeing something was up, he died when the rope bridge collapsed leaving him mangled & lifeless. This death was hard because chef was one of the rocks & foundation of the boys often, also their wasn’t that many black characters so it was chocolate chip cookie of race, with their being Chef & Token regularly. The character didn’t deserve to got that way, but even after the soul singer’s death in 2008, Chef is still an iconic character.



Darth Vader

Well in the 70’s the saga of Star Wars happened with a plethora of characters, the one we’re gonna talk about is Darth Vader. He went on a tear across the galaxy with arguably the best theme song in the “Imperial March”. He did some terrible things like killed young Jedi, went to the dark side thinking he could save Padame but couldn’t, struck down Obi-wan in the first film & did many other things under Darth Sidious. Jumping forward to the third film when he was dueling his son Luke Skywalker a the senator getting frustrated that he wouldn’t go to the dark side tried to fry him with force lightning & Vader wasn’t having this. The result of this happening was Vader impeded that from happening & as a result sustained injuries from it & died later. This hurt because Darth Vader was a bad ass chocking people without even touching then, alas everyone has to die & it was hard because Anakin proved before that he was a good person & he was trying to do that again.



Famous words “Long live the King.” The most ironic & sarcastic words ever spoken especially at the time  it happened. I n the beginning of the Lion King (which was good already) Simba basically was too big for his boots (puns) & Mufasa his dad is a constant foundation in his life up to the stampede. When the stampede is started by the hyenas & scar ( which doesn’t make sense why if he dark brown?) Mufasa is forced to save his son

Which he did but in his attempt at self preservation he fails because in his attempt scar gets his own brother killed in hunt for the throne, What follows is one of the saddest moments in cinema history when Simba is trying to get his dad up with no results saying “Get Up” but it doesn’t get Mufasa up. I remember seeing that happened when I was 3 & I cried also even now I’m an adult I still get emotional after seeing that. That death was traumatizing because Mufasa was a big part in Simba’s life & is a reminder that just because someone is a big part in our lives they can be gone at any moment. This one hits you right in the feels.


Any character in fire emblem 

Well it’s been a minute since I’ve played because it’s on Nintendo switch now but I remember playing on game boy advanced SP. I say this because when you played through the campaign there was  this thing called permadeath? What’s that you asked,I will tell you boys & girls, well a feature that the game had was anytime someone died on your team or party they were dead for good, that is all. I wasn’t uncommon to see people turn off their game & restart a campaign because they didn’t want to lose a person in their party. This one was substantial because you put all this time in to improve characters & got attached, so when a character was slain from your stupid mistakes it leaves you hurt.


Death is an inevitable thing making these hard either way & makes you appreciate life.