“Well this is fun” 🙃

Said in sarcasm to myself while I wait for my fate on this flight,  after waiting patiently I was told I would stuck in the airport in El Paso because my flight was canceled due to weather & I have no money for a hotel room so I guess I’m roughing it in the airport tonite 

“This is gonna be fun”. I thought I would be at Hobby Airport & back home in Galveston County today but that’s not happening & I have to enjoy El Paso a little longer. Silver lining at least I can put seats together in the terminal to make a makeshift bed that fits a 6’2” frame because hospital beds don’t do that, so I bolster my makeshift bed for the nite, it’s not mine but it will do for this situation. Sweet dreams till the my morning flight, hopefully I can get some sleep. 

It’s 6 am

I slept as best I could, & had to run to check back in & go through the whole process of TSA again which is a tedious & a very frantic situation, at this point I’m just ready to go home. I’m lined up for the usual bum rush of people because their is open seating even though there are boarding groups. I find my seat at a window on a row that was open at the time. After finding out that my flight is fully booked because of the people trying to get home I’m finally greeted by my eventual seat neighbors in a mother & daughter from El Paso who on their way to Alabama to see family. The duo of the mom wearing an olive canvas jacket & the daughter wearing the same kind of jacket, hair in a bun probably put up by the mother she was also accompanied by rainbow socks, sparkly Sperry tennis shoes, & a stitch character backpack to boot. This situation was a positive first off because they were neighbors that weren’t trying to take up the entire row the little person actually went to sleep in her mother’s lap soon as they were settled in there seats, making me envy sleep like that, secondly they weren’t in a rush which was another plus because they weren’t out here impatient like others. Once the flight crew went through the motions with their whole speech about safety we were off to the H finally & not in a hold. After the usual things like naps and snacks I was cordial & spoke with the two at the tail end of the flight over things like where they we’re going same as myself, the differences between the two cities & when I couldn’t communicate normally I would show the little girl my own socks which had astronauts on the outside of my laptop which has a picture of stitch on it leaving the little girl enthused seeing here favorite character. The flight was great because the duo treated me like a normal person rather than like a fragile thing or feeling sorry for me, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Once we reached Hobby Airport & deplaned going our separate ways me leaving to Galveston County, them to a transfer to get to Alabama I was greeted by smiles especially the little person with here front teeth that fell out & waves goodbye as we went our separate ways, I may have not gotten their names while sitting next to them but it was truly a pleasure. As the rain fell in the H which is the total opposite of El Paso I could have been truly negative about the entire situation however I’m not wired that way, the last two hours have been great.

This is the first in the series of Stories “R” Us hope you enjoyed & thanks for your time.