This week is Michelle Ngome who is a personal brand expert & an author who is sharing some of her knowledge.

1. What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out?

Become and expert, then exceed expectations. When you are good at what you do, you will always be afforded opportunities. There will come a time when you are overwhelmed with opportunities. This is a good problem to have. Take a moment to outline your short and long-term goals and create a decision mapping process that helps you stay align with your goals. Stay focus and dominate.

2. What things inspire your process?

The people inspire my process. Getting feedback from family, friends, and fans/followers help me create messages that allow me to share my authentic voice. It can be challenging tapping into my inner being and deciding what to share and how much. Overall, I just try to be the person I needed yesterday and hopefully that resonates with someone today.

3. Who are three people you look up to or inspire you?

Simply put, my family and my culture. As a Cameroonian-American I acknowledge the strides my mom made to create a better life for herself and having a family in America. I hope my work creates a legacy that resonates within the Cameroon community and the African diaspora. I believe in you!

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