Listening to music a lot I encounter a lot of things in doing so, one thing that comes up a lot is songs that the person featured on their known for more. Nothing against it, it just happens a lot. It may be because of timing, writing of it, etc. Enjoy!

Phillip Bailey Easy lover

This song is really good & Phillip Bailey did a great job but it’s mostly known because Phil Collins is on it.

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Rufus Ain’t Nobody 

Rufus (the band, not the character) had a hand in a lot especially getting Chaka Khan to where she is & with that being said she is known for that song & it’s ok either way.

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Jungle Love The Time 

If you ever saw “Purple Rain” the movie the star is Prince but the other band in it is The Time (which had Morris Day) They both a hand in it & the both sang it. 

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Otis Redding Try A Little Tenderness 

If you ever watch “This Christmas” there is a song that Chris Brown sung which was this one but in reflection sever years before Otis Redding sung it.

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Sweet thing 

This song mentions Rufus again because they sang it first, however, it is more known for Mary J Blige singing it years later.

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6th Man

I’m Goin Down

This song got sung a lot in talent shows by lots of singers look no further than “Sister Sister”. It was originally sung by Rose Royce then years later by Mary J Blige. It was so good it got sampled by Mahalia on the song “I Know What You Did” which features Ella Mai.

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